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The CloudCompare hosting price analysis solution matches your systems to the best IAAS prices from the leading public cloud providers.

Upload basic profile information for your servers and virtual machines to find the best fit Infrastructure as a Service offering from each public cloud hosting provider at the lowest price.

Compare the matched providers on-demand and reserved instance discounts by region. All of the providers pricing models can be compared side by side across all your matched assets to help you make the best single cloud, multi-cloud or hybrid choices.

Delivering results in seconds will save you time and cost today. The ability to run ongoing pricing analysis instantly will help to optimise hosting costs over the full life of your systems.

Whether you are planning a migration, deploying or already migrated, CloudCompare will help you save time and save money.

Automatically compare cloud hosting prices in seconds across leading public cloud hosting providers: Microsoft Azure, Amazon EC2, Google Could Platform and Rackspace.

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"CloudCompare saved my team months of spreadsheet effort and more than paid for itself in the cloud hosting cost savings it found for us." {Attribution}

"CloudCompare found 40% savings for my load balanced server farm within seconds of posting the inventory."
Geronimo Web Product Manager


Matching your current systems to a single cloud pricing catalogue is time consuming.

Doing that with multiple cloud vendors across multiple regions, whilst mixing flexible on demand and discounted commitments to find the best pricing options can be frustrating.

CloudCompare will automate all of these chores for you.

How It Works

Let us crunch your server pricing numbers

1. Define the environment(s)

One or many, however you organise: technical, functional, geographic.
2. Tell us about your servers

Either upload a simple inventory or enter the resource specs manually.
3. Pick the cloud providers

Azure, AWS, GCP today with more coming tomorrow.

CloudCompare will match all of your servers to the best cloud provider pricing.

Features & Benefits

Infinite cloud comparison analyses

Infinite analyses

Run as many cloud scenarios as needed based on the exact server asset requirements. 

Easy to use cloud comparison software

Easy to use

An easy to use interface that needs no training or technical know-how.

Reduce cloud migration project time and cost

Slash analysis time

Slash the time and cost for your cloud migration project.

Reduce risk and complexity of cloud migration

Reduce complexity

Reduce risk and complexity of your cloud provider analysis .

Cloud Compare application is available 24x7 globally.

The latest pricing

The latest pricing from each provider is automatically updated.

Manage cloud provider costs

Manage your costs

Manage your costs as you expand with the easy data-loader.