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 CloudCompare removes the time, cost and complexity of finding like-for-like asset-level IaaS prices across leading cloud hosting providers.

It generates fully up-to-date costs and a complete, matched bill of materials for each of your chosen cloud hosting providers. It matches each of your existing server assets using our rich matching engine, based on the exact specification of the machine, to find the cost-optimised IaaS machine and its associated price for each provider and location.

You can then hand-select each IaaS choice manually and optionally keep any of your workloads on-premise, allowing for a huge range of analysis options to be executed in seconds. 

You can also separate your workloads in to a range of environments (e.g. development environment, test environment, production, etc.) and select a different provider for each environment extending the multi-cloud combinations as far as you need.

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Cloud Compare load information feature
Load existing server information

Create environments for your server assets to mirror your real data centre (e.g. Development, Test or Production environment). Then, import existing server asset information to environments using our easy data loader.


Cloud Compare compare locations feature
Select providers and locations to compare

You can select any of our supported providers and any regions to generate IaaS matches on. You can also generate IaaS cloud hosting server matches across any supported providers and locations.


Matched IaaS servers feature
 Review and edit matched IaaS servers

Review your complete list of matched IaaS cloud hosting servers across your selected providers and locations.


Cloud Compare final IaaS comparisons feature
Analyse your results

Analyse your final results of of your server matches for all of your different environments and chosen cloud providers.


CloudCompare Benefits

Save huge amounts of time and effort matching server assets against different providers and locations

Understand the real costs of managing your IaaS cloud hosting services in leading cloud providers globally.

Understand the differences in costs across different cloud providers and regions.

Generate a detailed bill of materials with the very latest provider pricing and inventory lists.

Keep up to date with the very latest provider pricing globally.

Run as many analysis scenarios as you like for a single one off fee.


Take a truly data-driven approach to transform your IT estate.


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Dedicated architecture and pricing services

If you need additional architectural support to help optimise and select the range of cloud services needed or if you need guidance to re-architect your current services so that you can get the best out of cloud and keep your costs as low as possible, then please contact us.

Our architectural support team will review your proposed architecture and help create an optimised architecture for your chosen cloud provider.

We can provide detailed analysis of ways to reduce cost across your planned systems.

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Dedicated architecture and pricing support feature

New features due soon

In June, July and August of 2019, we will be building the following exciting new features:

■ Support for many more cloud hosting providers, including Alibaba, Rackspace and IBM.
■ Manual selection of matched servers
■ Automatic identification of more cost-effective cloud hosting services

If there is a feature you could like to discuss, please contact us.