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Who is Cloud Compare for?

Cloud Compare is a powerful server price matching service for anyone  looking to find the best value public cloud pricing at speed and scale.

It enables users to compare cloud prices for different providers and locations by automatically matching all of your servers to each provider, supporting all locations offered by Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Why not let Cloud Compare do the hard work of matching your servers to the best value providers.

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"CloudCompare found 40% savings for my load balanced server farm within seconds of posting the inventory."

Geronimo Web Product Manager

Compare cloud providers & locations

Cloud Compare matches all of your existing server assets to  cloud server hosting across leading cloud providers. 

To start, upload basic server information using our easy loader. Once loaded, Cloud Compare automatically matches all of your servers to your chosen cloud providers and locations. 

Once generated, Cloud Compare provides detailed costs and a full bill of materials. This enables you to compare prices accurately side-by-side to find the best value match.

Additionally, you may run as many analyses, across as many providers as you like, for a single, low, fee for each server asset loaded.

Cloud Compare Provider comparison table

Match every server asset

Each server will be automatically matched to your chosen provider(s) in seconds based on its exact specification

Individually matched cloud server

Global coverage of leading providers

Let Cloud Compare find the best pricing for all your servers.

Cloud Compare supports pricing information across leading providers in all locations globally.

More information on Cloud Compare features.

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Cloud Compare Supported Providers
Cloud compare multi-cloud provider comparison

Multi-cloud matching at scale

Cloud Compare will find the best pricing for your hosting. 

You can select different providers for different server environments based on the best pricing available. 

What's more, it will match your entire server estate in seconds. This can radically speed up the time to find the best provider and plan your cloud migration.


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