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Cloud Compare enables you to compare IaaS prices for all of your servers across the leading cloud providers. It shows you the best value cloud options and generates your bill of materials in seconds.

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Moving your infrastructure to the wrong provider or even location can be a very expensive mistake. In some cases the wrong location can cost you up to 65% more!

Cloud Compare is a public cloud IaaS price analysis service which enables you to automatically compare IaaS prices for all of your servers across the leading providers in all locations. 

Cloud Compare's automatic server matching engine generates detailed costs and a bill of materials for many different cloud providers in your chosen locations, allowing you to accurately compare prices side-by-side in near real time. 

You can even select different providers and locations across your server environments enabling rich multi-cloud solutions using the best prices globally.

Cloud Compare Supported Providers

We provide pricing information for all locations for the top public cloud providers

Cloud Compare Benefits

Infinite cloud comparison analyses

Infinite analyses

Run as many cloud scenarios as needed based on your exact server asset requirements. Even create multi-cloud scenarios with different providers.

Easy to use cloud comparison software

Easy to use

An easy to use interface that requires no technical know-how or advanced cloud systems or pricing knowledge.

Reduce cloud migration project time and cost

Slash analysis time

Dramatically slash the time and cost of your cloud migration project by creating near real time costs for your entire server inventory. 

Reduce risk and complexity of cloud migration

Reduce complexity

Reduce risk and complexity of your cloud provider analysis

Cloud Compare application is available 24x7 globally.

The latest pricing

Ensure the very latest pricing from each provider is used and updated automatically

Manage cloud provider costs

Manage your costs

Manage your costs as you go through your project with our easy data loader

Cloud Compare is completely free with no restrictions for up to 100 servers.

You can run as many analyses as you like for as long as you like. 

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